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The Rosewood Hotel and Rosewood Inn is a family run hotel. The owners are two brothers from Hong-Kong, Steven and Sam Wong.

You can find Sam or Steven most of the time having a quiet drink at the Cafe Del Moon, or on a terrace in front of one of their restaurants. Both make sure everything is running smoothly, take time discussing with the customers or share a drink with the local residents...just feeling at home in Yangshuo.

Sam Wong

Sam, originally from Hong-Kong, worked for 11 years as an english interpretor.

After performing his duty as a chapter President of the Chamber of Commerce of Hong-Kong, he ran his own business in China, exported cosmetics towards Japan, and ended up in Yangshuo thinking it would be a good place to retire...

Steven Wong

But Sam was not the kind of man to stay inactive.

In 1999, with the experience of Steven who worked in the tourism buisness in Dali, they created several restaurants along the famous and popular West Street. Their desire was to introduce to the visitors more choice, better food and services, with the similar value and quality that they both experienced during their travel around Asia.