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Please use our E-mail address for reservation or enquiries. Reply email will be sent to you within 24 hours.

A) Rosewood Inn

Email address: (Mr. Sam Wong)

Call number:
1. Sam Wong: (0086) 138 7737 5200
2. Counter: (0086) 0773 8813 918

Fax number:
1. Counter: (0086) 0773 8813 936

95 Gui Hua Lu, Yangshuo, Guilin, China

B) Rosewood Hotel

Email address: (Mr. Sam Wong)

Call number:
1. Sam Wong: (0086) 137 3739 7557
2. Counter: (0086) 0773 8813 321

No. 83, West Street, Yangshuo, Guilin, China

Facebook Account:
Rosewood Hotel-China


Please fill in the following information for reservation and send it to .

1/. date of check in / check out,

2/. approximate time of check-in,

3/. number of nights stay,

4/. type of rooms chosen,

5/. number of people (adults / children) staying,

6/. activities you would like us to arrange,

i) Countryside Trip
ii) Li River Bamboo Rafting
iii) Yulong River Bamboo Rafting
iv) Liu San Jie light show

v) Longmen Water Cave
vi) Cormorants fishing
vii) Moon Hill
viii) Cooking Class

ix) Calligraphy, painting
x) Traditional massage


7/. if pick-up from Guilin airport or the railway station is required,

8/. way of payment - a) paypal, b) bank transfer, or c) pay upon check-in.


About payment

- All prices are in the local currency Chinese Yuan (currency convertor).


- The following credit cards are accepted upon check-in:

- In order to make your payment as convenient as possible, and if you want to garantee your    bookings and tours,

  Rosewood accepts Paypal payments.

- You can also make an bank transfer for free through the banks in China and the bank in Hong

- Please note: rates are higher during "Golden Weeks". Please check dates via the link.

- Price of the Rosewood Cafe Buffet Breakfast is not included in the room rate - Extra
  RMB 41/person will be charged. (This is a discount price reserved for the hotel guest only).



Airport or railway transfer required ?

More about the vehicles and the prices.