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Our Team

The Rosewood Hotel and Rosewood Inn is like a family, most of our staff come from surrounding local villages. Whether they are the receptionists, waitresses, cooks, drivers, cleaners, guardians.... all are here to make sure you have a great time in Yangshuo, with local hospitality feeling proper to our local culture. At the Rosewood Inn the staff will always be friendly, helpful, and honest towards the guest, whatever problem can arrise, they will do there best to solve it.

Rosewood Hotel and Restaurant
General Manager


If you see a foreigner with a tie in Yangshuo, then it must be our Rudi.

Over 20 years experience in the hospitality industry took him from Germany to England then onto Yangshuo via Shanghai .

Since mid 2010, he has been responsible as General Manager for the Rosewood Hotels. With his German virtues, and his open and cordial manner, he is always going to give our guests a pleasant stay. Some of our guests say he is repeatedly cloned, as he seems to be everywhere.

As a longtime hotel manager for a German hotel group, he also brings an international standard to Yangshuo.

Michael Janke

Rosewood Chef (Bratwurst Master)
“The funny chef with sense of Humor”

Completed His training as a chef in the German Rheingau wine region. After his additional educations for kitchen trainers and diet cook, He made international experience as a chef in 4* Hotel and on Cruise Ships.

After his one year wireless interne in Antarctica as a chef, Michael Janke became part of the Rosewood Family as Chef.

Pierre Giese

The German Hot Dog King (German Beer Balcony)

Pierre is coming from Dresden (East-Germany), a very beautiful city with big history. He was working as a chef for many years at different german restaurants to improve his knowledge. He comes to China to discover a new lifestyle and learn more about chinese culture.


In the year 2000 she came to " West Street " to work as a waitress for a western restaurant. Since 2002 she has worked for Rosewood, starting as an ordinary waitress. Straight from this she became a general managing assistant. (During the year she also worked for an Australian operated bar). Previously Stacy has also worked for a restaurant in Shenzen.

Now she is the assistant to the owner Sam and responsible for the hotels and restaurants business and chinese personnel management.


She is one of the asset of the hotel because of her good customer service and developed her confidence as the front desk manager.

As a local girl she can assist you and help you with all your inquiries and more information about Yangsuo in general.


Janey has been a member of Rosewood since 2008. At the moment she holds the position of front office manager for the Rosewood Hotel. As a local girl she can give a lot of information about Yangshuo and the villages around. With good english she works as a tour guide for our customers.