General terms

Rosewood Hotel / Inn

(Different terms exist for group bookings in accordance with our written confirmation)


    1. Scope of the contract

    • * These general terms and conditions govern the relationship between You and Rosewood,

    • * Our written confirmatio·n (including e-mails) serves as a contract,

    • * A reservation on day of arrival shall be considered binding and no written confirmation is required.


    2. Rates

    • * All rates include taxes and fees. The rates can be changed by the hotel if the guest wish to change an existing booking for a different arrangement e.g. longer/shorter stays,

    • * Room rates and other fees can be paid by bank transfer, Paypal, credit card or cash(rates in RMB only); cash shown in RMB are a standard rate.


    3. Minimum stay

    • * For some specific periods (e.g. Golden Weeks) during the year, we have a minimum stay arrangement.


    4. Untimely departure terms

    • * Check out 12:00 – 18:00   50% to pay from the room rate,

    • * Check out after 18:00   100% to pay from the room rate,

    • * No refunds on rooms paid after check in.


    5. Cancellation terms

    • * In case of a definite booking for which you have received a written confirmation through e-mail or fax from us, we reserve the right to demand partial or full payment in advance,

    • * In our confirmation we will advise You of the amount payable which can be paid by paypal or bank settlement,

      • · Up to 3 weeks before the booking date there are no charges - (100% refund), apart from bank or paypal handling charge,

      • · 2 weeks before - 50% of the full amount,

      • · From 1 week to 0 days before - 0% (no refund),

    • * All cancellations shall be confirmed to guests by email or fax.


    6. Check-in time

    • * Check in: starting from 2:00 p.m. (Can check in earlier if the room is ready.),

    • * Check out: till 12:00 noon.


    7. Terms of registration

    • * All foreign guests shall present passports upon arrivel with valid Visa, Chinese citizens need to present valid .I.D. cards.


    8. Non Smoking area

    • * Guests cannot smoke in the hotel lobby.


    9. Visitors

    • * All guests staying or visiting room after 10:00 p.m. must register identification with reception, and all visitors have to leave the room before mid-night.


    10. Pets in the hotel

    • * No pets allowed in the hotel.


    11. Security conditions

    • * It is forbidden to bring flammable materials into the rooms, use personal electric heaters, candles or any chemicals that may cause damage to furniture or floors,

    • * No loud noises within rooms that may affect others. Uncooperative guests may be refused service or asked to leave without refund.


    12. Damage

    • * Please report any damage in room to reception upon check in,

    • * Guests shall be financially liable for any damage to, or missing items in hotel rooms.


    13. Drinks and snacks in the rooms

    • * Drinks and snacks taken from minibar by guests shall be paid according to posted price list.


    14. Confidentiality

    • * The hotel guarantees that it will not use Your personal data for profit and will not sell or give it to any 3rd party.


For the legal relationship between Rosewood Inn/ Hotel and guests - Chinese law applies.