Yu Long Bamboo rafting


Water buffalo in the Li River


Sunset trip on the river Lijiang


Bike trip in Yangshuo countryside


Dragon dance Kung-fu school


Longmen Water cave


Drifting near Yangshuo


Countryside scenery of Yangshuo


Yangshuo Trekking


Many activities can be organised in and around Yangshuo : bamboo boat rafting or bicycle trip in the countryside, exploring caves or discovering the Liu San Jie night show... If you stay a few days you can take advantage of our full packages (1, 2, 3 or more days) and make the most of your trip. The activities, ticket reservation, and tours are open to all travellers, with the service of an english speaking guide. We answer in english to all inquiries and questions.

Yangshuo activities prices : To make your arrangements easier we have mentioned all the prices for each activities. No hidden fees. For more details click on the activity of your choice :

Not to be missed

Bicycle trip in Yangshuo's countryside (One day)

Visit the authentic chinese countryside by bike or with an electric scooter, riding on small paths, around the karst mountains, through fields and paddies and experience the rural life in the villages of Yangshuo. Trekking tips and maps of what to see around Yangshuo are available.

Cruising on the Li river (Half day - 1.5 hours)

Experience the most beautiful scenery of south China by doing a boat trip on the Lijiang river from the small village of Xingping. You can either take a small local boat, a bamboo raft, or trek by foot on the wild river banks. Some bigger cruising boats also depart from Guilin and cruise to Yangshuo.

Bamboo rafting on the Yulong river (Half day - 2 hours)

Gently drift down the Yulong river on a bamboo boat and discover why this region of China is so famous in terms of beauty and magnificent scenery. No noise will disturb this peacefull trip except maybe the plunge of a water buffalo. Calm and serenity in the Yangshuo countryside.

Liu San Jie light show (Half day - 1 hour)

Impression of Liu San Jie is a very impressive light show taking place on the river Li near Yangshuo. It was created by Zhang Yimou (director of the Beijing Olympics opening show) with more than 600 performers. It's one of the biggest shows of this kind in China. To be seen.

Leisure Activities

Martial art school of Yangshuo

Kung-fu Show of Mike Feng and his wife Amanda who have opened their hearts and home to local orphans and abandonned children. They also organise Kung-fu and Tai Chi courses.

Price : RMB 100/person or 80/per (up to 2 people)

Longmen Water Cave

With it's 3 km trail, the Longmen Water Cave is the biggest of it's kind in Yangshuo. Crawl through narrow passages, take a shower under a waterfall, climb up stalagmites, slide into the mud bath or swim in crystal clear pools... An underground adventure !

Price : RMB 80

Night fishing with cormorants

The Cormorants excel at fishing and are used by the local fisherman in Yangshuo who take them out in the night on their bamboo rafts. This ancient and unique way of fishing can be seen in the evening.

Price: RMB 65

Drifting in preserved nature

Drifting down the Long Jing torrent in a two-person raft for over an hour amongst a mountenous sub-tropical scenery. A white water rafting and refreshing experience ! For those who like to be shaken !

Climbing on the karst mountains.

Yangshuo has over 300 climbing routes scattered in the karst peaks (even on moon hill). This activity is open to beginners who can rent equipment with a professional guide for one or more day.

Price : RMB 220/per(half day), RMB 350/per(whole day)

Kayaking on the Li River

Kayaking can be done in the more quiet portion of the Li river from the village of Fuli to Liugong or from Fuli to Puyi. Here the water is very smooth, clean, and peaceful. A perfect way to admire the beauty of the karst peaks, see the the fishermen at work, the water buffaloes amongst flocks of ducks.

Walk and trek around Yangshuo

If you really want to go off of the beaten track in the countryside of Yangshuo walking is certainly the best way. One of the favorite route takes you from the village of Yangdi, along the bank of the river Li to Xingping. We can advise you on many routes.

Artistic Activities

Chinese Calligraphy and painting course

Introduction to the thousand year old art of Chinese calligraphy and painting. Course for beginners or for people who want to improve their skills.

Price : RMB 120/person or above

Chinese Lesson

Improve your bartering skills, or opportunity to communicate and get around with some fun basic Mandarin lessons.

Price : RMB 120/person or above

Traditional chinese cooking course

Learn to cook Chinese food in a traditional farmhouse in the beautiful countryside of Yangshuo. Typical dishes include beer fish and stuffed pumpkin flowers, and delicious local treats. You will also visit the local market in search of ingredients.

Price : RMB 160/person