Boat Trip on the Li River Xingping

The Xingping to "Nice Horse Mountain" stretch situated along the Li River (Lijiang) is probably the most renowned and beautiful scenic area of China. The main river cruises between Guilin and Yangshuo passes through this area. However those tours being quite crowdy and expensive, you will probably be better off by doing the round-about trip from Xingping with a local boat or with a bamboo raft. The trip can be arranged at the end of the day when the string of tourists cruise calm down and when the sun hides between the karst mountains and the curtains of bamboo trees.

You can reserve the river trip on the Lijiang from the Rosewood hotels. We will also help you reach by bus or by any other way, this stretch of the river (25 km from Yangshuo). Ask for more information

Price for Li River Bamboo raft :
(can take 4 people) :
RMB 125/person. (USD 27 / EURO 20)
* The transfer by local bus from the hotel and back is included .