Liu San Jie Light Show

Impression Liu Sanjie is a light show that runs nightly during the high season on the Lijiang river bank in Yangshuo. Set from the music from the movie of the same name (which in turn was based on an old Chinese story), features a cast of more than 600 actors and actresses wearing traditional Zhuang, Miao and Yao dress. The show was created by Zhang Yimou the same director who did the Olympics opening show.

The karst mountains illuminated and reflecting on the river Li makes it a very impressive light show. The performance lasts for 70 minutes.

The tickets for the Yangshuo light show can directly be booked at the Rosewood Inn. The price includes the transfer to and from the hotel (the show is out of town). Ask for more information

Ticket price for the Light Show of Yangshuo : RMB 238/pers. (USD 36 / EURO 33)