Bamboo boat trip on the Yulong River of Yangshuo

The pretty Yulong River valley is said to rival the Yangdi-Xingping stretch in terms of beauty. The size of the mountains may not be so impressive but the river is more quiet - no cruising boats like on the river Li - ideal for sightseeing the magnificent scenery, and there are plenty of spots for swimming. A parasol will protect you from the sun and even though the flow of the river Yulong is very gentle, the life jacket is compulsory.

In the same way, from the docks of Yangshuo or from the village of Fuli, many locals offer a small boat trip on the Li river. You may also see a demonstration of typical cormorant fishing. Ask for more information

Price for Yulong Bamboo raft :
(can take 2 people. The price depends on the place where you start the bamboo trip, and for about 2 hours) :
RMB 160/raft. (USD 31 / EURO 22)