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Recommended dishes of each restaurant


Rosewood Cafe
Rosewood Beer Fish
Woodfired Pizza
Hong Kong Noodles
Italian Ice-cream
Fish Hot Pot
Lung Kee Beer Fish
German Beer Garden

Rosewood Restaurants

Yangshuo Rosewood offers a great variety of restaurants with dishes from all over the world and every region of China. Difficult to make a choice so we have made this selection to help you find the kind of food and atmosphere that will suit you best :


Cash coupon of RMB 40-60/day will be offer for booking more than 1 day.

- cash coupons are only offered to direct bookings,

- the cash coupons can only be used during the hotel guests' stay (including the day of check-out),

- no cash coupons will be offered in golden weeks,

- when cash coupons are used, no discount will be offered to the bills concerned,

- cash coupons have to be return to the hotel if the hotel guest(s) check out earlier than the check-out date of their booking, in case cannot produce the cash coupons, the guest(s) has to pay cash in same amount,

- the cash coupons can only be used in the following restaurants of Rosewood Company in Yangshuo: Rosewood Cafe, German Beer Balcony, Wood-fired pizza (3 in Yangshuo), Hong Kong Noodles Restaurant, German Beer Garden, Lung Kee Beer Fish Restaurant, Treasure Island Fish Hot Pot Restaurnat, German Beer Garden, American Steak, London Tavern, Oyster Bar and takeaway of Italian Ice cream (3 in Yangshuo).

Rosewood Cafe

Idealy placed in the center of West Street, you will appreciate its genuine chinese atmosphere and its generous buffet breakfast offering a complete selection of food and drinks. A nicely styled upstairs dining room with balcony, and a ground-floor cafe with the best street tables in town. A Western menu also with classic local favorites such as the delicious pijiu yu (fish cooked in beer and spices) and baochao tianluo (Li River snails stuffed with pork).

Rosewood Beer Fish

Serves the classic local and delicious Pijiu Yu : fish cooked in beer and spices prepared in front of the guest.

Woodfired Pizza

Real italian woodfired pizza made in a brick oven. There are three different restaurants with the same authentic good taste, but each offering a different atmosphere.

Hong Kong Noodles Restaurant

Large choice of authentic Hong-Kong noodles : dim sum, wonton, shark soup... and other treats such as full roasted chicken.

Italian Ice-cream

Rome, Venice , Milan , Naples, who doesn't know the romantic cities in Italy . Close your eyes and experience with our home-made ice-cream a hint of "Dolce Vita ".

Fish Hot Pot Restaurant

The most respected hot pot fish restaurant in Yangshuo. You must try the transparent sliced butterfly fish meat, or the deep fried Li-river shrimps coated with taro.

Lung Kee Beer Fish Restaurant

Serves the classic local and delicious Pijiu Yu : fish cooked in beer and spices prepared in front of the guest.

German Beer Garden

The German Beer Garden with it’s real fireplace, modern warm décor and old photographs of Germany, not to mention the friendly staff, including German Manager Connie creates a fun, interesting atmosphere.

German Beer Balcony

The German Beer Balcony is a cozy Restaurant and Bar "Zur Eiche" in a stylish atmosphere. We spoil you with delicious specialties frim different regions of Germany prepared by our German chef.

American Steak

For our steak lover ! enjoy the restaurant that specializes in beef steaks and other individual portions of meat, served with your favorite side dishes and a choice of special gravy and sauce created by our international chef.
The traditional nature of the food served was zealously maintained despite the new cooking styles which were beginning to become fashionable.

London Tavern

If you are looking mainly for social gathering experience where everyone come together to talk. "London Tavern" is the right place for you!
The range and quality of Tavern varies wildly throughout the UK as does the range of beers, wines, spirits available and where the food is of excellent quality.

Tapas Bar

Enjoy the Spanish atmosphere with the tradition and culture which brings family and friends together. common for Spaniards to gather at bars for drinks and conversation, while sharing "raciones", or portion of tapas.
Tapas have evolved through Spanish history by incorporating ingredients and influences from many different cultures and countries creating variety of snacks, appetizers to serve.

Oyster Bar

Enjoy the different flavor and style way of cooking of the Rosewood Oyster made especially for our "oyster lover" and perfectly enjoy it with your favorite wine.