Pick up service

Rosewood hotels has a pick-up service either by taxi or by mini-bus. The nearest airport is located in the city of Guilin 90 km from Yangshuo.

The nearest railway station is located in the city of Guilin 60 km from Yangshuo.



From RMB 280

Train station:
From RMB 250

(depend on the size of
the vehicle)

Activities arrangement and reservation

All kind of activities can be arranged from the Rosewood hotels : bamboo rafting, Li river boat cruise, travel tours, bike ride in the countryside, among other services. We can help you reserve your tickets for the Liu San Jie night show, and any of your transport tickets, and even deal with your required Visa invitation documents.


Free luggage storage

Free luggage storage is available, either at our front desk or in a room.


We can send your washing to a laundrette on your behalf. You can choose same day or next day service.


RMB 20/1kg
(mini 1 kg)

Yangshuo weather information

The weather in Yangshuo is subtropical. Summer is usualy hot and humid, while winter is short and dry. Most of the rain falls between June and August. May, September and October are the best period for travelling. See the weather forecast of the day on the side bar.